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Pioneering with Purpose

NuovoRE's mission is to help change the narrative about social impact within hospitality. We want to showcase the exciting innovation happening across the country, spark conversations about the challenges we face, and build networks to share ideas and power problem-solving. By bringing together leading thinkers, innovators, hoteliers, and consultants, we create powerful networks to forge paths of progress and turn great ideas into action. We are strongest when we are most connected to each other. By strengthening our social impact network, we’ll strengthen the whole.

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1PM - 8PM

“Pioneering with Purpose,” Silvia Vasquez-Lavado

Silvia Vasquez-Lavado is a Peruvian-American explorer, mountaineer, social entrepreneur and technologist. In June 2018, she became the first openly gay woman to complete the Seven Summits, the tallest mountain on each continent from both the Messner and Bass lists.

The New “ROI” – Return on Impact, Erica Najmabadi and Brendan Ames, NuovoRE

The team at NuovoRE and their property teams have been implementing a hypothesis: if we build positive social impact into every element of our operations, we will increase revenue and decrease expenses, resulting in better financial performance than similar properties. So how is it going? NuovoRE will share our progress from the last year on key impact and financial metrics, with an honest look at what’s working so far, and what’s still a work in progress.

Attracting a Strong Workforce in 2022, Moderator: Kim Garner, El Capitan Hotel

Turnover and staffing challenges are par for the course in the hospitality sector, especially in the last few years. How are innovative properties and companies thinking about their workforce, finding and keeping fresh talent?


  • Ken Oliver, Executive Director,

  • Chris Vitelli, Merced Community College

  • Donte Johnson, Revival Baltimore

Winning Business with an Impact-Driven Brand             Moderator: Ken Cruse, SCP

A key part of succeeding in outsized financial returns is winning more business. Learn how to structure and market impact offerings as part of your overall brand, including community events, artist features, group night packages, winning conference bids and more.


  • Corey Clark, Honeycomb

  • Molly Casey, NINE dot ARTS

  • Rebecca Parekh, THE WELL

  • Steve Wilson, 21c Museum Hotels

Zero-Proof Hospitality, Moderator: Megan Stromberg, NuovoRE

It can sometimes seem that drinking culture is an inseparable part of hospitality. But in an effort to be inclusive to the growing number of sober and sober-curious guests, more institutions are adding “zero-proof” beverages and “mocktails” to their menu. Hear how these industry leaders have found a way to build a reputation and an outstanding beverage program that makes everyone feel like they are part of the party.


  • Anna Welker, Revival Baltimore

  • Jonnie Long, Death & Co

Zero-Proof, Zero Waste Happy Hour    

Featuring mocktails, cocktails, light apps and tunes from DJ IMPULSE, Director of Content & Sonic Identity at Revival Baltimore and Gil Shaw, Fork Farms. 

Dinner and Broncos Watch Party

Participants are free to make dinner plans on their own or join us for a Broncos watch party at the base of the hotel in the McGregor Square complex (


8 AM - 1PM

(Optional) Sunrise yoga

Fireside Chat: Join special guest Zach Neumeyer, Chairmain of Sage Hospitality Group for an informal conversation with Mike Everett, NuovoRE

Zack’s civic focus is ensuring that every child in America can fulfill their potential.  He works through many organizations focused on making our education system work. These include Board Chair of America Succeeds, Board Member of Colorado Succeeds and Teach For America Colorado.  He believes that developing superb leadership is essential to improving our cities, states and country.

What does it take to Implement a vendor diversity program? Moderator: Jason Bass, Hotel Revival

You may have ambitions to work with small, local, BIPOC, LGBTQ, veteran-owned, women-owned, or other underrepresented groups in sourcing everything from produce to case goods, snacks to personal services. But newer companies may not have the sophistication and scale necessary to enter into industry-standard arrangements. Learn how these vendors and intermediaries have used creative strategies to direct more business to diverse vendors in every category.


  • Nnadagi Isa, Lor Tush

  • Jen Collins, EOS Hospitality

  • Alexis Lanman, New Waterloo

Helping Employees Thrive: Financial and Mental Health in the Workplace Moderator: Chris Randall, 21C St. Louis

Beyond paying a living wage, how you can support your (hourly) employees to reach beyond surviving to thriving? Learn about employee relations programs that span innovative benefits, mental health support and more.


  • Dave Runyon, City Unite

  • Laura Louise Green, Healthy Pour

  • Jessi Kalambayi, Ready for American Hospitality

Certifications: Are they worth the effort?, Moderator: Heather Ciszczon, NuovoRE

From LEED certification to B Corp designation, there are many third-party organizations offering to provide the public with verification of your positive environmental and social impact. But those certifications take time and money to complete. Are customers paying attention? Is it worth the time and expense?


  • Adam Schlegel, Snooze (not a B Corp) and Chook Chicken (a B Corp)

  • Annalise Dum, JLL

  • Jon Buerge, Urban Villages

Fireside chat: Join special guest Bashar Wali, Founder & Chief Executive Officer of the Assembly for an informal conversation with Leigh Hitz, NuovoRE.

A born leader and a bit of a rebel. Bashar can speak to the ins and outs of the Hospitality Industry because he’s done it all. Most at home on the road, he eats, sleeps and breathes this calling that we call hospitality. Some might say he’s obsessed with hotels. But, it’s really the humans behind them that drive him. Well, that and a vintage Land Rover Defender.


Silvia Vasquez-Lavado is a humanitarian, adventurous mountaineer, explorer, social entrepreneur, and the author of the critically acclaimed Memoir, "In The Shadow of the Mountain." In 2016, Silvia Vasquez-Lavado became the first Peruvian woman to reach the summit of Mount Everest in Nepal. By 2018, she completed climbing the 7 Summits (otherwise known as the tallest mountain on each continent), becoming the first openly gay woman to do so. Silvia founded Courageous Girls, an organization to help survivors of sexual abuse and trafficking with opportunities to find their strength, courage and cultivate their voice.Silvia is a fierce advocate for LGTBQ+ equality, women's rights, and sexual abuse survivors. As a technologist, Silvia has been recognized for her leadership and insights. She developed Centers of Excellence in India, focusing on being one of the first corporate teams to hire women. In 2015, CNET recognized Silvia as one of the most influential Latinos; and Fortune Magazine named Silvia as one of the Corporate Heroes of all Fortune 500 companies.

Silvia Vasquez-Lavado, Humanitarian

About Us

Some great social impact work is happening all over the hospitality industry. NuovoRE's goal for this conference is for ideas that have germinated individually within teams and properties will take root in the larger hospitality industry, creating a network of people and properties (run by like-minded owners and operators) who seek to increase their positive social impact as a strategic advantage instead of a cost center (in addition to being the right thing to do).


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